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Fantastic families, we love you!

Let's take photos that will last a lifetime. Our Hudson Valley family photography sessions and New York family photo shoots are designed to document this special chapter in your family's life.


All we need is thirty minutes - it's usually all the kiddos can handle before crankiness sets in. Long Dock Park, Madam Brett Park, etc.

30 min session


1 hour session

Documenting the beauty of your pregnancy in the Hudson Valley's most gorgeous locations, in both solo shots and, if you'd like, your partner.



Coming in from out of town? Let's show you Minnewaska State Park or Little Stony Point Park. These sessions last a lil' longer for more versatility.





What's up with a thirty-minute photo shoot? Honestly, it's all the time we need with your family to capture fun, candid shots and formal portraits alike. We find that kiddos of all ages (and some grown-ups!) get a little grumpy after that amount of time. Don't worry - we totally get it.

We'll use your session time efficiently to create effortless memories for you and your family. Our goal isn't to have perfect moments; it's to have real ones. We want your photos to be authentic and capture the good, the bad, and the silly.

It's so important to get these little moments captured. You won't want to forget how your baby laughs every time someone says "truck", or their sudden refusal to listen without being bribed with Goldfish crackers.

We're here for it all to make it an efficient and fun process.

Family Photography in the Hudson Valley

Let's capture the beauty of this moment of your life. Each and every pregnancy is special and unique, and we want you to feel that when you look back on this time.

So, why don't we head to one of this city's most iconic locations and take some awesome photos?! If you want to go solo or bring your partner, we'll ensure everyone involved is absolutely glowing.

Maternity Photography in Beacon & Newburgh

If your family is traveling to the Hudson Valley, we're happy to capture your travels in some of this amazing city's locations. It's one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Let's have some fun and make some memories!

While our typical family shoots in the Hudson Valley are thirty minutes, we recommend our one-hour option for your destination session. This is to capture more versatile locations like Minnewaska State Park and Little Stony Point Park.

We'll put together a map of locations to make things efficient when it comes to your session. We know the little ones may not have the most patience. We'll definitely make it worth their time by showing them some of the coolest sights in the city.

Ready to have some fun with your family? Get in touch for your family photos in Beacon, Cold Spring, Newburgh and beyond.

Destination family photography in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and more

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Hudson Valley family photography team for relaxed, candid pictures to last a lifetime. We want your loved ones to feel at ease every step of the way. Efficient, love-filled imagery for Beacon, Newburgh, Cold Spring, and beyond families.