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We’re Megan & Kenneth, New York City wedding photographers. We absolutely love what we do in every borough of New York. Not only that, but we travel through Upstate New York and the Northeast for weddings. As a couple, capturing other couples is our passion.
New York Wedding Photo and Video Team
We work as an NYC wedding photo and video team to capture special memories for couples on their wedding day. Traveling through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, we’re experienced top wedding photographers. We want to make your day as comfortable as possible. Our candid wedding photography style speaks to the nature of how we make our couples feel.
Brooklyn Wedding Photographers Capturing Candid Moments
Based in Brooklyn, we love photographing in iconic New York locations. Some of the most popular photo locations in New York include Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and Soho. That’s not to say we don’t photograph everywhere, because we sure do! We love capturing weddings from Wave Hill to Liberty Warehouse.
New York Wedding Photographers Working as a Married Couple
We are a photography and videography team capturing all angles of your wedding day. As a married couple, we learned what we wish we could have done for our own wedding day. When it came to our special day, we had wanted video but not a full wedding videography team. That’s how we ended up coming up with our wedding photo and video team based in New York.
Engagement Photography in New York City
We also include a complimentary engagement shoot in every single wedding photography package. Having an engagement session in New York is essential to creating a relationship with our couples. An engagement photo shoot in New York allows couples to get comfortable with us behind the camera. We’re able to teach about posing and prompts, the key to candid NYC wedding photos.
Relaxed Wedding Photography for Couples Who Love Candids
We’re a Brooklyn wedding photographer team who just want to make your day as easy as possible. You have so much to stress about on your special day. Why stress about getting your New York wedding photos done? We should be the most comfortable part of your wedding day.
Hybrid Wedding Photography and Videography for Brookyln Celebrations
We don’t just work as one photographer and videographer. We shoot in a hybrid style, meaning we capture the most possible angles from both of our perspectives. While taking photos all throughout the important moments of your wedding day, we also are able to switch to video to take snippets of the moment.
Wedding Photo and Video Combo Team in New York
This allows for beautiful photos and video moments on your wedding day. These moments get compiled into a highlight reel style video. This is typically four to six minutes long, capturing only the best moments of your day. It’s all about the butt squeezes, eyebrow wiggles, hugs and kisses that don’t translate the same through photos.
Top New York Wedding Photographers
You may wonder how long we’ve been doing this dang thing, and the answer is: a long time! Megan has photographed weddings since she was fourteen years old, also diving into career opportunities in fashion and tech. We’ve been photographing weddings together for a good while, because we realized how much we loved weddings when we got married ourselves.
Candid Wedding Photography in NYC
As wedding photographers in New York, we know it’s not always easy to decide on what’s best for your wedding. There are so many venues and vendors to choose from when it comes to weddings in the city. However, as NYC wedding photographers, we at least know one thing. Your wedding photos are one of the few long-lasting parts of your wedding day.
Experienced Brooklyn Wedding Photographers
Our mix of candid style and fine art photography allows couples to have everything they need on a wedding day. We get the formal wedding portraits out of the way, but also have lots of candid and fun wedding photos to work with. We prefer to prompt couples as opposed to posing them. Many photographers in New York City work on posing, but we find prompts to be more effective.
Number One Brooklyn Wedding Photography Team
One of the top Brooklyn wedding photography companies, we’re so thrilled to capture wedding days all over New York State. Not only that, but we love photographing in Connecticut, Long Island, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, and beyond. We’re always happy to travel beyond the state to capture the most beautiful wedding photos and candid moments.
Comfortable Wedding Photos for All Couples
A team of New York City wedding photographers and videographers who are ready to make your day unforgettable. We create beautiful, natural, and candid shots throughout the day with artistic creativity while capturing every minute. We are passionate about what we do and we wish to share our work with you!
LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Photographers in New York City
Queer couples are among the most underserved clients in the wedding industry. They often have to endure a difficult process, face discrimination and harassment, and pay more money for their wedding day because of a lack of diverse vendors who are queer-affirming. We want to make sure that our couples feel represented and safe with our wedding photography team.
Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the Wedding Industry
We believe in creating beautiful imagery for anyone in love. Everyone should have access to vendors who affirm their identities and stories and partner with them to create gorgeous imagery for their wedding day. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and find it critical to feature a diverse array of couples on our site, social media, and in our wedding portfolio.
Hiring a Professional Wedding Photo and Video Team for Your NYC Wedding
Many people do not realize the importance of a good wedding photographer until it’s too late, and they realize how vital it is for a bride and groom to hire a good wedding photo team in NYC for their wedding day. A good Brooklyn wedding photo team will be able to capture every important moment that you will want to remember forever.
Reliving Your New York Wedding Day Memories
Your New York wedding photographer should be someone who has a good eye for photography to be able to capture the best shots that your wedding day. This will allow you to relive them always, whether in digital format or wedding photo albums. Wedding photographers can capture moments for couples that will forever remind them of their wedding day and those they love.
Building Lasting Memories for Your Wedding Day
A professional wedding photographer can capture the most touching moments of your big day, including the vows you share with your loved ones, first dances, family pictures, and more. NYC wedding photographers can capture memorable memories as first dances, family portraits, candid photographs of you from different angles in different outfits.
Choosing Your New York Wedding Photographer
There are many different types of wedding photographers in New York City to choose from. When deciding on who to hire as your wedding photographer for NYC weddings, there are various choices every bride or groom has to consider among one particular image or another.
Figuring Out Your Brooklyn Wedding Photography Specialty
Photographers can specialize in candid and fun wedding photography, or documentary wedding photos. There are also more formal portrait and fashion wedding photographers. Some even shoot film (we can, just ask about it!) or Instax wedding photos.
Should You Go With a Big Box Wedding Photography Studio?
There are mainly two types of wedding photographers in New York City: studios and freelancers. Studios can be very expensive, while freelancers are often more affordable. Sometimes a studio photographer can be recommended by a friend or family member whom they’ve worked with before.
Studio Wedding Photographers in New York
The majority of weddings in New York City are done with studio photographers. The most popular studios in the city have been run by photographers for years, and are therefore trusted to deliver quality photography as well as service. That being said, there are benefits to hiring a mom-and-pop wedding photography service in NYC.
Small Business Wedding Photography in New York City
A wedding is an event with a lot of people, which means a lot of things can go wrong. There are always some unexpected along the way, and that's why mom and pop wedding photographers are truly a popular choice for your many couples. Their customer service and personal attitude can make a huge difference when it comes to resolving issues before your wedding day.
Photographing Wedding Venues All Over New York
We’ve loved photographing a wide range of wedding venues in NYC. Some examples include Deity weddings, couples getting married at 501 Union, romantic Green Building celebrations, and events at the Foundry. Plus, we’ve captured so many weddings at MyMoon, the Conservatory Garden, and more classic NYC wedding venues.
Capturing the Best Day of Your Life
A good wedding photographer can capture every detail of your wedding day and help you create the most beautiful memories of your life. Whether you would like to remember your big day as it was yesterday, your photos can help you remember. Our New York wedding photography team is the best option to capture those important moments in your life. We are both there to capture your photos so that you don't notice anything with extra production in your video.
New York Wedding Photography and Videography Combination Coverage
In fact, the perfect way to ensure that you get full coverage of your special day is to photograph and film everything that concerns the wedding photographer. Wedding videographers in NYC capture everything because it is impossible to capture every second of the day and capture key moments in real-time. Video highlights and captures all important and special moments in detail.
Megan and Kenneth, Brooklyn Wedding Photographers
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable when it's time to start the wedding photography process and our goal is to get you into a great mood during your ceremony by being as unobtrusive as possible. We embrace weddings from every walk of life, so don't be afraid to ask us any questions—you can always get in touch with us by phone, email or even in person if you happen to be in Brooklyn!

Megan & Kenneth

Brooklyn and New York wedding photography for relaxed, casual couples. Because we want you to be happy, comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

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